Giant June Sale

Katie Beers from 106.5 the end on air in Sacramento, California.

Radio Ad “Hey it’s Katie from the Wake Up Call and if you don’t love your kitchen and bathroom, then this is the time to call Quality First Home Improvement because they’re having their GIANT JUNE SALE and with financing partner Ygrene, it’s easier than ever. When we moved into our house our kitchen was super outdated, drawers were broken and falling off the rails, our appliances didn’t match. I didn’t think we could really afford to renovate it until we got a quote from Quality First, they showed us all the ways we can save money. Even how we can do it in stages, plus Ygrene offers no money down financing for energy efficient and renewable energy home improvements that you can just pay back with your property taxes. No money down. 100% financing. No payments up to 12 months! Sometimes even more guys. Get the kitchen and bathroom you’ve always dreamed of and save money doing it with the Giant June Sale. Call Quality First Home Improvement today at 866-241-0736. One more time, 866-241-0736. California license number 875772″.

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