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Getting Started With Solar

Solar Information

DSIRE - National searchable database to find Incentives, Rebates and Federal Tax Credits.
PGE - Solar Information Database

Net Metering

Once you become an energy provider, you must enter into a metering agreement with your current utility provider. This agreement will give the utility provider the ability to monitor you and if ever there is a problem or they are working on the lines, they can send someone out to shut down your feed to the grid.

• When your solar system produces more energy than your home uses, the excess is sent into the power grid. 

• Your utility will credit you for the excess energy that your solar system produces. 
• The inverter changes the electricity from DC into AC. 
• At night, when your solar system is not producing energy, you will draw electricity from the grid. 
• Your credited electricity will be used before you are charged for using electricity from the grid.