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Enphase M250 Microinverter

Inverters change the solar DC energy in to AC current so it can be used in your home. Enphase micro inverters are small units and each solar panel has one Enphase inverter installed underneath it. This technology has revolutionized the solar industry. Solar panels are stringed together in rows and form an array. Before Enphase, all that was available were string inverters (wall mounted box type). All the solar panels were wired to the one string inverter. When using a standard wall mounted string inverter, if a shadow lands on one of the panels it will cause a power reduction in the entire row.

Enphase micro inverters eliminate this problem - If a shadow lands on a panel, only that panel is reduced in output and the others are not affected. Also, Enphase micro inverters allow you to expand your system almost endlessly. String inverters are sized per the system, and if you want to add more panels and expand your system, you will need to upgrade the inverter which can cost several thousand dollars. Another downside is string inverters only last around 10 years, so you will be replacing it at least once during the life of your solar system. Enphase inverters are designed to last. 

Enphase micro inverter advantages: 
  • Guaranteed for 25 years
  • Internet - View your system on-line, get energy and operation reports on your computer 
  • Add additional panels to your system almost endlessly.
  • Eliminate problems with shadows that reduce energy output

Read More Enphase Brochure System Overview.pdf