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See how your Crane vinyl siding will look on your home before you purchase..!!

Easy to use! Choose a similar house, add your siding product,  select different colors, and styles.


The first name in vinyl is Crane. In 1957, Crane designed and engineered the world's first extrusion die system to produce solid vinyl residential exterior siding. When you choose Crane Vinyl Siding for your new home, or as replacement vinyl siding, you’re assured of that same pioneering spirit and our commitment to the finest materials, superior production techniques and highest quality workmanship.

Elevate your exterior.  

Give your home an appealing appearance that’s sure to endure with American Dream ™ Edge. 


Amplify your home.

Enhance your home with the elegance of Parkview’s™ natural, low-luster cedargrain finish. 


Highlight your exterior.

Beaded siding has long been a signature of prestige for exquisite homes. Carolina Sands® is no exception. Its authentic, handcrafted, wood appearance gives Carolina Sands a crisp, appealing silhouette.


Give your home a remarkably refined effect.

Premium Pointe® 360 will give your home the prestigious presentation it craves. 


Enhance your home.

Protect your home with siding that’s sure to look amazing for years to come with Market Square®.