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Designer Tool

See how your Crane vinyl siding will look on your home before you purchase..!!

Easy to use! Choose a similar house, add your siding product,  select different colors, and styles.


Enliven a home with details.

Architecture has rhythm and flow.  Adding the charm and dimension of rustic cedargrain CraneBoard® Board & Batten can offer a lively change in tempo!



Beauty meets versatility.  

The 7" clapboard plank is the tried-and-true choice for an infinite variety of architectural styles.  



Clean styling makes an extraordinary statement.  

Give your home a classic, crisp-looking exterior with CraneBoard® 6. 



Amplify your home's attraction.

The exceptional appearance of Oracle™ Solid CoRe Siding®’s authentic, true milled cedar woodgrain and radiant, low-gloss finish will give your home an illustrious look.