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GAF Roof Leak Barriers / Water & Ice Shields

  • Protect Your Property...
    Help prevent wind-driven rain from leaking through the roof deck, or melting ice and snow (caused by ice dams in harsh winter climates) from leaking into property’s interior
  • Add Extra Protection...
    In valleys and at eave and rake edges — the most leak-prone areas of the roof. Strongly recommended for chronic problem areas like skylights, dormers, vent pipes, chimneys, and other flashing areas
  • Won’t Leak...
    Helps ensure a 100% watertight seal
  • Avoid Costly Repairs...
    Due to staining on interior walls and ceilings
  • Better Appearance...
    Fiberglass reinforcement helps resist wrinkling and buckling — lays flatter under shingles
  • Saves Labor...
    Split-back release film peels off in sections, for faster installation and superior property owner value
  • Peace Of Mind...
    Benefits from the same warranty term as the shingles they are applied under, up to a maximum of 30 years*
*See ltd. warranty for complete coverage and restrictions

Film surfaced leak barrier, suitable for application under shingle and metal roofs.
WeatherWatch® XT
Mat surfaced leak barrier with XTra traction, suitable for application under shingle roofs.
Mineral surfaced leak barrier, suitable for application under shingle roofs.