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Stop Painting Forever! - Lower Your Energy Bill – Help the Environment

COOLWALL®, like paint, is sprayed on to the building. That is where the similarity ends. COOLWALL® coating is a "green" space age product that uses solar reflective ingredients that can lower the outside wall temperature as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep the heat from transferring through the wall in to your home, greatly reducing usage time of your air conditioner. COOLWALL® Coating is the ONLY reflective coating that studied by the Department of Energy. Over their 2 year study, they proved that COOLWALL® Coating can reduce your energy cost by as much as 21.9%. Unlike traditional methods of energy efficiency improvements such as replacing installation, residential coating is much less invasive. Some of the benefits of COOLWALL® Coating include UV protection, salt and mildew resistance, impact and fade resistance, elastic quality material, withstands very hot and cold weather...bottom line, never paint again!

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